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Big sensation in BC Card: Lee Changho,9p lost to 1st class insei!

 2010-01-18           Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein
The first time in history Lee Changho,9p lost his game to non-professional!
Han Taehee, 1st class insei crushed him as W in less than 100 moves!
Han also beat Tsuruyama Atsushi, 6p and Yoo Jaeho,3p in preliminary stage of the BC card. It was a succesful preliminary for Korean inseis! They beat lot of professionals, including elite 9-dans like Yu Bin!

Han was surprised that Lee,9p resigned too early (from his interview). He thought, he is only few points ahead!

Han's next opponent is An Choyong, 9p. According to Lee Hajin, 3p An has bigger chances, but everything is possible.
We reviewed Han vs Lee game during Insei League lecture. You can find the video here:

Interview with Han Taehee, translated from Chinese by Tartuffe (On GoDiscussions)

Q: Winning in merely 96 moves, were you leading the whole way?
A: If we had continued, perhaps Black would have not been able to catch up, but I did not think Lee Changho would suddenly give up. I was shocked.
Q: So you beat Korea's #1 Lee Changho... what are your thoughts?
A: I'm a little dazed, the win still has not sunk in.
Q: Reviewing the game, what did Lee Changho say?
A: He said very little, mainly that the center was mishandled.
Q: What did you feel as you went up against Lee Changho? Did you feel pressure?
A: No pressure. I have deep respect for Master Lee Changho. I thought meeting him in the first round was quite fortunate. I viewed it as a great opportunity to learn without thought of winning or losing. All of my energies were focused over the board.
Q: What is your playing style?
A: Hard to say. I suppose I am rather peaceful, but I also enjoy fighting, I like to think out my own openings.
Q: What do you believe your strengths are?
A: I can learn from top players how to play professional-quality go.
Q: Who is your favorite pro?
A: My favorite player is Kong Jie. Playing through his games, I feel like I have much to learn. I greatly enjoy studying his games.


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