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Korean insei Na Hyun beat 2 top professionals straight!

 2010-01-26           Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein
From Goama's archive (2006):
Na Hyun – new Korean star!

New Lee Changho is coming soon in Korea! Na Hyun! Remember his name. Right now he is only 11 years old, but recently he entered the Insei League of the Korean Baduk Association and easily reached 6-th class (My best achievement was the 5th group, - A.D.). He is one of the youngest inseis in Korean Go history and the youngest one in the current league.

Few months ago he won the Juniour group of the World Youth Go Championship, showing the perfect score (We have one of his games from WYGC commented on ).
Seo Musang, 6-dan, the leader of the Insei League told us, that Na has very good chances of becoming professional in 1-2 years. My former teacher Kim Chongsu, 6-dan (one of Na's teachers at Mengin Baduk School) called him genius and noticed that he is the most talented kid he has ever meet. (Kim was the teacher of Park Yeonghun, Park Shiun, Kang Dongyun, Hong Minpyo and other stars, so it means a lot).
Na is playing Go from 5 y.o. and his first teacher was Lee Chonwook, ama 6-dan, who was also the first teacher of Lee Changho.
We wish him a good luck and ... see you soon on pro scene!

Few weeks ago he crushed Lee Youngkyu  and Yu Bin in the preliminary stage of the BC Card, but lost to Iyama Yuta in the main tournament


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