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Lee Sedol,9p about his game with insei in BC card cup "I feel fortunate"

 2010-01-27           Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein
Translated from Chinese by Tartuffe (On GoDiscussions)
                                                             Interview with Lee Sedol

Q: This is your first formal match in six months, it seems as though you made an error on the left side. How do you feel you played in this game?
A: That was not my only mistake--there were probably at least three. If it were not for the lower right corner, the gap would have grown. I must reduce these mistakes immediately.
Q: Regardless, winning must feel good.
A: My opponent was an amateur. Rather than "lucky," I should say that I feel "fortunate."
Q: What do you think of this amateur opponent's strength?
A: He played extremely well, merely my luck was better. I made many mistakes this game, perhaps from nerves. Overall, I think he played very well, but but at the decisive moments he still has some deficiencies.
Q: Last time you were stopped in the final four. This time are you prepared to grab the title?
A: Every player remaining in the tournament has their sights on 1st place. Of course, my goal is to be the champion. More important to me than the title is playing in good form. In this sense, I do not really need to take the title.
Q: Which international title do you want the most?
A: Right now it is not about winning titles. Before we can talk about that I need to get back into solid fighting form.


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