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Big clash! Lee Sedol vs Kong Jie in Bc card cup

 2010-03-02           Expert: Noth1ng

In the round 2 of 2nd World BC Card Cup, Lee Sedol 9p defeated Kong Jie 9p by resignation and first advanced to the 3rd round. Kong Jie recently defeated Lee Changho in 14th LG Cup best-of-3 (2:0). As of now he holds 3 international titles and # 1 player in the international players’ list. The game aroused a lot of interest and speculation concerning Lee Sedol's recent form after his returning to the professional Go scene. 

The game turned out to be a real thriller. Lee Sedol decided to initiate an unreasonable fight in black's area (white moves 34 and 36). Kong Jie took control of the game by attacking weak white group, forcing white big dragon to live on ko. It seems hopeless for white to continue the game, but..

...but despite trying to win the ko (which would have been too painful for white), Lee decided to abandon his big group and instead close off black in sente. Then he rigorously attacks black's group at top (move 78). It's difficult to say whether to tiredness or time pressure but after several mistakes Kong Jie was being chased and killed by Lee Sedol.

Now China has almost no chances to win the title as only two Chinese players left in the tournament (Niu Yutian 7p and Chang Hao 9p) in comparison 6 players left for Korea.  


 Brian Wu           2010-04-21 08:04
( C2 )
Korea strong!

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