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Commented game: Lee Sedol defeat Chang Hao and Took 2nd BC CUP!

 2010-04-27           Expert: YesWeKant

Lee Sedol is back and he is one of top players in the world if not the strongerst one. This year he has 20 wins! There were some lucky wins, but still 20 is very much. And there were one loss to LeeChangHo but it wasn't tournament game.

There should be 5 games in BC card final to determine the cup winner. Lee Sedol(9p) and Chang Hao(9p) are the finalists. They played three games already and Lee Sedol won all of them, and became BC card winer.

This game was translated and commented on WBaduk. Commentary was done by Baek Daehyun 7p Korea.

In this game Chang Hao(who had white in this game) created weak groups and started difficult fight from the begining.

I've add some my notes to variations, wish they'll help you.

Enjoy the show!


 YesWeKant           2010-05-04 02:05
( RU )
Thank you Peter Hansmeier!
I'll edit post.
 Peter Hansmeier           2010-04-29 09:04
( US )
The pro doing the commentary on WBaduk was Baek Daehyun 7p from Korea. He made it to the main stage of the LG Cup this year, having won his section of the preliminary tournament. His highlight from the prelims was defeating Qiu Jun 8p from China

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