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The Masters to battle it out!

 2010-06-12           Expert: agugglez
The Meijins (Masters) from Korea, China and Japan are going to battle in a tournament to decide the World Master.

One of Lee Changho from Korean, Gu Li from China or Iyama Yuta from Japan will take a prize of about 50,000 USD.

The competition will be in Hunan, China from July 23-28th

who is your favorite?


 Hotep           2010-11-06 11:11
Interesting...well when will it happen?? (date?)
 Obama           2010-06-13 10:06
( US )
What's time control?
I bet for Iyama Yuta? it's just like relativity theory once he will win.
 pel           2010-06-12 05:06
2k ( SE )
I think Gu Li will bag this one.

On a different note - this promise to be a very interesting competition format. What time settings will be used?

It would be very interesting to see a title-match with a two day playing schedule. Would Japan be favored by such time settings or not? After all - a two day match demands quite a bit of stamina and routine from the players; at least that is what I believe.
 Hotep           2010-06-12 12:06
Hmm well Lee Chang Ho is quite well known with this sort oft
Championships but I think Gu Li has also good possibilities to achieve this goal.
Hmm the last time i saw Gu Li vs. Lee Chang Ho it was a game which Lee Chang Ho won.

Iyama Yuta is a new face on the international area. Maybe he lacks international experience because all result which i found about Iyama are not positives result.

So Gu Li or Lee Chang Ho will take the title.
 Guerecon           2010-06-12 06:06
2 dan
Lee Chang Ho will most likely take it

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