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Lee Sedol arrives to 800 wins

 2010-06-14           Expert: agugglez
After just 129 moves, Lee Sedol won his game to An Sungjoon 2p in the Korean Baduk League on June 4th, arriving to 800 victories in his career. Here we show the game. Lee Sedol only needed 14 years and 11 months to achieve this numbers or wins.

The korean baduk league time settings are 5 min + 40 secs byo-yomi. A number of teams play against each other, usually 2-3 games per day. Lee Sedol's team is the Shinan Chunil Salt where he is the captain.

With this number of wins, Lee sedol places 11th in the all time ranking in domestic wins. A list where Cho Hunhyun is first with 1822 wins, followed by Lee Changho with 1515 and Seo Bongsu with 1463. Cho Hunhyun needed 27 years and 1 month to have 800 wins while Lee Chango only needed 11 years.

Lee Sedol has a 24 winning streak this year and a balance of 30 wins and only 3 loses for a percentage of 90.91%

is he your favorite too?


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