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The 35th Gosei title

 2010-07-20           Expert: DanielTom

Cho U 9p, the title holder, was challenged by Sakai Hideyuki 7p for the 35th (2010) Gosei Title.

    Sakai Hideyuki had an interesting start in the professional go world. Sakai won the World Amateur Go Championship in 2000 (see the photo) and became professional the next year (the Kansai Ki-in awarded him the initial rank of 5p). At the time, Sakai was 28. Now, Sakai Hideyuki is the first professional who qualified after the age of 20 to challenge for one of the top Japanese titles. If he wins the title, he will be promoted to 8p.

   The first game was played on June 24, in Sendai (Miyagi). Cho U, playing White, won the game by resignation (although the game was close).

   In the second game (played on July 9, in Ishikawa), Sakai won by 2,5 points (playing White). I uploaded the game because of what happened in the opening: Black started a ko in the bottom left, played a damaging ko threat, ignored White’s ko threat and finished the ko. Locally, of course, the result was good for Black. However, White got two moves in a row at the top right because of that ko, and managed to press Black into a low position while building a nice wall. In my opinion, the result was better for White. I think that after move 68 (G17 shimari) White was already favorable. What do you think?

   The third game of the Gosei Title match was played today (July 20, in Nigata). Cho U won by resignation (W+R). The 4th round will be played only on August. Who do you hope will win?

   We will post more news on the 35th Gosei soon so stay with us!



 DanielTom           2010-07-27 08:07
( PT )
Thank you for your correction, breakfast. That was a mistake...
 breakfast           2010-07-26 07:07

By the way, why do you call Sakai "number 3 in Japan"?
He is not in best 20, I think. Probably near number 25 or 30
 breakfast           2010-07-26 07:07

Will see other former amateurs fighting for top titles soon. Hong Maelgunsaem, 1p first of all.
Ha Sangbong, former WAGC winner is in Japan too. He is even stronger than Sakai, I think. I wonder, will Japanese allow him to become 1p
 DanielTom           2010-07-21 05:07
5d ( PT )
Hello, Sergio. You can find the kifu here:
 A1R           2010-07-21 05:07

pls put the link with the japanese ranking online...would be great :)
 Sergio Parreiras           2010-07-20 10:07
6kyu ( BR )
Do you know where I can find the kifu for the July 20th game?
I just watched till the middle and wanted to see how Cho U dealt with black's invasion. The Nihonkiin does not have it on their website.
Thanks for any help

sergio0p AT gmail DOT com

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