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Qiu Jun wins the Agon Cup final!

 2010-09-13           Expert: DanielTom


Qiu Jun 8p (China) won the 12th Agon Cup (for the first time) by defeating Chang Hao 9p today (September 13th) in the final round. 

Qiu Jun played a beautiful game. Black 25 (G6) reminds us of Takemiya Masaki’s cosmic style. The fight that started with 33 (H4) was fierce. Please note Black 79 (N2) – it was such a powerful move! Black destroyed White’s base while capturing his stones at the bottom. Chang Hao fought back, and the game was still tense until White defended the corner with 206 (B5), letting Black capture the White stones at the left side with 207 (B10), which gave Black the lead.

It was a very exciting game, enjoy!


 Stable           2010-09-13 10:09
1k ( GB )
Amazing game! Thanks for the comments DT. N2 was gorgeous.

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