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Big success of Joanne Missingham, 1p (Australia-Taiwan)

 2010-09-14           Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein
Joanne just got the second place in Female World Professional Go Championship - Qionglong cup. It's the biggest success of non-asian master so far. Fernando Aguilar is currently second - with 2 straight wins against pros.
Joanne won 3 games straight! Including games with Japanese titleholder Aoki and 2 young Chinese pros.
Her second prize is 7000 euro. She was close to the first prize - 20000 euro, but Park Jieun, 9-dan is still too hard to beat for Joanne.
You can read more about Joanne here: 
I attached the game from round 2. It was the audio review for Insei League on KGS. You cannot find text comments here, but there are lot of diagrams inside.

It seems that Black lost this game on the top, by allowing White to get ponnuki


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