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Xie He wins the 3rd Quzhou-Lanke Cup!

 2010-10-03           Expert: DanielTom


   The Quzhou-Lanke Cup is the Chinese tournament with the highest prize money, which made the Final nerve-wracking.

   To get to the Final round, Xie He had to overcome other top pros, including Hu Yaoyu 8p and Gu Li 9p (the winner of the 2nd edition of this Cup). In the Semi-Finals, Xie defeated Zhou Ruiyang 5p and advanced to the Final, where he had to face Jiang Weijie 5p (who is under 20 years of age).

   In this tournament, Jiang defeated Kong Jie 9p (in the first round), and the new-stars Piao Wenyao 5p and Yang Dingxin 2p (Yang is only 11 years old – he lost to Jiang in the Semi-Finals by 2,5 points).

   In the final round, Jiang Weijie seemed more nervous than Xie He (Jiang was constantly shaking his legs under the table).

   Xie He took Black and ended up defeating Jiang, who resigned after 211 moves. The whole game was very exciting, but I want to highlight Black 161, O14(!). It was such a beautiful tesuji! Black was able to capture three White stones at the top and turn the game into his favor.

   Xie He, the winner, got the huge first prize of (just about) 75,000 USD!

   Enjoy the game!



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