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About Us

The best way to improve your Go is to replay professional games regularly. How do you choose the game to review? For example, we have more than 50000 professional game records on our Go4Go collection. You cannot check them all, even if you study Go 24 hours every day.


The best way is to replay the games, played by your favorite master, but it can be boring. If you want to get fun and pleasure from this process, we recommend you to pay attention to our website.


We don’t have all game records here. We have BEST game records: big sensations, fun episodes, new ideas in fuseki and joseki. We are sure, you will not only learn a lot from these games, but also enjoy them a lot.


Some of our games are commented by professional players (even top 9-dans) - we use commentaries under the permission of Go4Go, GoGameWorld, Korean and Chinese newspapers and magazines.


Alexander Dinerchtein,

              The main editor of the 9-dan.com


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