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Big sensations in LG cup preliminary: Japanese top stars will return home soon!

 2010-04-19           Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein
Results of Japanese players are usually bad in preliminary events of the LG cup or Samsung cup. Usually nobody from 25-30 Japanese professionals are able to reach the main stage.
The current LG preliminary was even more painful.
Japanese superstar Kono Rin, 9-dan lost to Korean 1p girl Kim Miri (on photo)!
We cannot imagine such thing in Japan, where female players are usually 2-3 handicap stones weaker than top pros.
But we can mention that Kim Miri (my former classmate) is not the common girl. She is very good fighter! In her recent inrerview Rui Naiwei, 9-dan called her the "future star of the Korean female Go".

More sensations: Ex-titleholder Ryu Shikun, 9p (Japan) got crushed by Korean insei Kang Seungmin.
Inseis beat some other top players (as usual), including Kim Yeunghwan, 9p and Kim Yeungsam, 9p.
It's already clear that young inseis are not much weaker than common professionals (non-titleholders).


 Peter Hansmeier           2010-04-29 03:04
( US )
In the preliminary rounds, top Chinese pro Gu Lingyi 5p (Mingren challenger and former Southwest Qiwang winner) was defeated by Japanese female professional Suzuki Ayumi 5p. She then defeated Moon Myeonggeun 9p from Korea. This is at least as significant as Kim Miri's achievement.

 anti-japan           2010-04-20 03:04

im so enjoying this!
i find japanese go so boring and out of date, just the opposite to korean and chinese
similar results can be found at almost every international tournament, even the ones they hold like the Fujitsu Cup! wich shows that japanese go is in deep trouble.
Kim Miri also beat Kim Kwangsik 6p from korea before playing Kono Rin, wich is impressive for a female pro.
and the korean inseis are mind-blowing strong, they have already top-pro strength, wich only means we'll have lots of sensations to talk about in the near future!
 Guerecon           2010-04-20 03:04
2 Dan
Any theories on why Japan is doing so bad? I know none of the top world players are Japanese. Maybe its too easy to become pro in Japan?
 breakfast           2010-04-19 09:04

We will see how many inseis can reach the main stage.
I am sure, Korean inseis will do better than Japanese pros!

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