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LC Cup pairings decided!

 2010-06-07           Expert: agugglez
The pairings for the round of 32 in the LG cup were decided today. The games are to be played tomorrow.

One of the most notorious pairings was that of Gu Li vs Lee Sedol, without a doubt it's gonna be an spectacular game. The game will be broadcasted live in They played not too long ago in the 23rd Fujitsu Cup, where Lee Sedol won by resignation. Let's see if Gu Li evens the score!

note: The LG Cup time settings are 3 hours + 3x1:00 byo-yomi and the first place gets 1.3 billion won ~= 1 million USD!!


 Ashlin           2011-04-24 01:04
( US )
D2. Easy
 Guerecon           2010-06-07 03:06
2 Dan

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