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Interview with Lee Sedol, 9p

 2010-01-31           Expert: LovroF

Another interview translated by Tartuffe on godiscussions forum.

On January 31 Lee Sedol agreed to an interview after defeating Hong Sungji in the BC Card Cup (round of 32). In the round of 16 he will face either Kong Jie or Shi Yue.

Q: Congratulations on making it to the round of 16. Please evaluate today's game.

A: Although the game went well, there were actually some difficult situations. At first it was a hard game to win, but as the game progressed, Hong Sungji made some errors.

Q: You must have caught a cold--your voice doesn't sound very good.

A: A little cold, yes, but nothing too serious. Don't worry.

Q: After the round of 64, you said during an interview that the most important thing was to regain your form. Perhaps you have a special training regimen for this end?

A: I do not have a special training program. I think striving with the utmost effort is a good method. Because recently I have not had the opportunity to train my sense for competition/fighting, I have been playing Go online, even though in the past I seldom played online.

Q: In the past you were not very talkative online, but recently you have been reviewing games. Is there any special reason?

A: Compared to watching games, explaining them requires me to focus my energy. This contributes more to my reovery, so therefore I have been actively talking more about Go.

Q: Recently, China's results have been extremely good. How do you think the competition between China and Korea will develop?

A: I think two countries are evenly matched. I will strive hard to move the scales in Korea's favor.

Q: You will most likely meet Kong Jie in the round of 16. Last year you lost to him in the Asia TV Cup finals. Do you think you can avenge this loss?

A: Right now that might be a bit difficult. My self-confidence has declined since my haitus. Kong Jie is an outstanding Go player, but if I exert maximum effort I may achieve a good result.


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