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Japanese stars will watch the Fujitsu-2010 on TV :(

 2010-02-08           Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein
Sakai Hideyuki won the last ko fight and the right to represent Japan in Fujitsu cup-2010.
Japanese preliminary was very strange this year. Lot of star players, such as Yoda Norimoto, Cho Chikun, Kono Rin, Iyama Yuta, Yuki Satoshi or Yamada Kimio missed their chances to play in the main stage.

Japanese team will be much weaker than usual this year. There are at least 3 players, who has close to zero chances to win against Koreans or Chinese: Ishida Yoshio (he is too old), Sakai and Anzai Nobuaki.
Last year it was almost dream-team (maybe except Moriyama Naoki,9p).

Still it's strange for me why it's necessary to have such a big preliminary stage for Japanese. In Korea they had 8 players tournament (best 8 by rating) and the Korean team will be the strongest possible team with Kang Dongyun(9p), Lee Changho(9p), Lee Sedol(9p), Choi Cheolhan(9p), Park Yeonghun(9p), Kim Jiseok(6p), Mok Jinseok(9p) and Park Junghwan (7p). I don't know how to make it even stronger - all star players will take part!

We can see the same situation in Chinese team - all best players will go to Japan and fight for prizes.

Sorry, I repeat it lot of times. But I really want to see the Fujitsu cup won by Japanese! It's always sad to see them losing in round one.


 leon jones           2010-06-16 08:06
9k ( US )
Mr D. Please do not refer to anyone as too old. No one is ever too old. Smile.
 retesz           2010-04-12 02:04
7k ( HU )
There is no japenese player in the best 8.
 wossname           2010-04-10 07:04
1d ( CA )
Ishida owns
 retesz           2010-04-10 01:04
7k ( HU )
Ishida Yoshio won against Mok Jinseok in the first round.
 Flashgoe           2010-02-13 03:02
6d ( UA )
I hope that Iyama Yuta wins one of the international tournaments in near future

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