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Japanese system of selecting players must be changed!

 2009-12-19           Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein
Japanese veteran Ishida Yoshio, 9p (62 years old) got the right to
represent Japan in Fujitsu cup-2010.  I like his Go,
I like his Go books, but I doubt that he can fight with young Koreans and Chinese.

Yoda has much bigger chances in main tournament and he had 9-2 score with Ishida, but
he lost his game without any chances after the terrible fuseki.
Why I am so pessimistic about Ishida?
If we check his results with foreign players, we can find this reason:

He is in plus only against Jimmy Cha and Seo Nunwook,  but has terrible
score with top pros:

0-3 with Cho Hunhyun
0-2 with Nie Weiping
0-1 with Seo Bongsu
1-3 with Yoo Changhyuk
0-2 with Yu Bin
0-1 with Lee Changho
0-2 with Ma Xiaochun
0-1 with Quin Yuping
0-1 with Yang Jaeho

1-16 in total!!!

If they had a trainer in Japan, who can decide, which players to invite to
Japanese team (like in football), I am sure, he will not take Ishida even
as reserve!
I am sure, that Japanese have to change the current system, if they want to
get any impressive results in international tournaments!
Handmade representatives selection is necessary!!!


 JeansebL           2010-04-11 12:04
5d ( CA )
Ishida Yoshio just crushed Mok Jinseok 9p in the fujitsu cup. I hope you are less pessimistic now :)
 Biondy           2010-04-04 08:04
1k ( ID )
Indeed. I also think that they should just choose the player. Perhaps held a preliminary for just 1 or 2 non top players....

btw do anyone know how much slots each country get for Fujitsu cup?
 Ofer           2010-03-25 04:03
3d ( IL )
"..he lost his game without any chances after the terrible fuseki."

Can you please elaborate on that?
It didn't seem like such a terrible fuseki to me, so I'd like to understand that part better.

 Andreas           2010-01-28 08:01
1d ( DE )
Another problem for the Japanese team was that Takao Shinji and Iyama Yuta were in the same group... two of the best non-seeded Japanese players, and only one of them could qualify. Actually, Iyama lost before he met Takao, but still...
 wossname           2010-01-28 12:01
1d ( CA )
I agree with what you say, but it will be greatly entertaining if Ishida's lucky win here turns into a win streak in the Fujitsu!

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