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Kong Jie vs Park Yeonghun: 6-0!

 2009-12-09           Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein
Kong Jie, 9-dan beat Park Yeonghun, 9-dan again. Now they have 6-0 score, in favor of Kong!
As Kong Jie said it his recent interview: " I don't know why my score with Park is so good. He is the same level with me and the chances must be 50-50"

Park, 9-dan is very good at yose and usually he plays very peacefully. Kong Jie, 9-dan is not an aggressive master too. I agree that their 6-0 score looks very strange. We can compare it with very strange score between 2 chess grandmasters: Kasparov and Shirov: +14-0=13.

Sometimes you have opponents you can never beat ...

Game review: Alexander Dinerchtein for Go4Go


 Andreas           2010-01-28 08:01
1d ( DE )
Kong Jie has been top 2 in China for years (behind Gu Li), while Park is only top 5 in Korea at the moment, overtaken by Kang Dongyun. Maybe Park had a higher profile in the past, but at the moment Kongs overall performance is better.
 ANDREY           2009-12-12 08:12

Strange. I think Park is stronger than Kong

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