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Korean inseis in Samsung cup - they crushed even top pros!

 2009-12-09           Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein
Korean inseis proved that their level is very high. They crushed lot of professionals during the preliminary stage of the Samsung cup-2009, including 8-dans and 9-dans.
One of such inseis even entered the main stage, where he lost only 0.5 point to Chinese ranking #2 pro Kong Jie, 9p.

As Kim Seungryung, 9p said "We afraid of playing inseis: they are not weaker than us, but if we lose, people laugh at us"

Here you can see the game played between Lee Jihyun, KBA insei and Lee Hyunho, 2p, who is in best 50 in Korean pro rating list.
Commentary: Alexander Dinerchtein for Go4Go


 hahaha           2010-07-12 07:07
3d? ( C2 )
good idea studying insei vs pro games would be quite nice and interessting especially the korean inseis very solid players
 mango           2010-06-19 05:06
( US )
you should create an insei section that shows various insei vs pro games

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