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Kim Jiseok 7p defeated Kong Jie 9p current title holder in quater finals

 2010-10-14           Expert: Noth1ng


In the quarter finals, Kim Jisuk 7p defeated Kong Jie 9p (current title holder) by resignation and advanced to semi finals. This was very unexpected and not only to me.

Kong Jie 9p is well known top player from China so I'd like to introduce Kim Jisuk 7p. He is 21 years old, became 1 dan in 2003.  He won his first title 5th Prices Information Cup champion in 2009 by beating Lee Changho 9p 2:0. His 2009 result was incredible 86% (48-8). So everyone expects him a bright future.

The game.

I was watching the game broadcast online on wbaduk and the betting was tremendously in Kong Jie's favor 84/16 %.  I believe the first serious mistake made by Kong Jie was move B45. Before the move a lot of diagrams were shown of possible continuation but none of commentators showed the move which was played in the game. Kim took initiative playing tenuki  to make shimari and enlarge his moyo.
Kong Jie started ko in upper right corner where he already spent one more move and then after a few exchanges Kim takes another tenuki securing the corner. Now the situation is bad for black as he's obviously behind. He has to kill white's group which still doesn't have 2 eyes. But after long pondering Kong decided to play 2 moves on the side (he's already 2 steps late) thus allowing white to reinforce in the upper right corner.
Then there were full of fighting by the two players. But Black was already unfavorable in the game. Kim won the game dodging very nicely and handling Black's attacks.

And some information on the Samsung Cup:

The 15th Samsung Cup is managed by JoongAng Dialy and KBS, supported by Samsung. Each player is given 2 hours and 5 times of 1 minute for overtime. The champion prize money is 200 million Won (approx. 171,673 $), and the total prize money is 606 million Won (approx. 520,000 $)



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