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Lee Changho 9p wins his 140 title!

 2010-04-01           Expert: Noth1ng

Kuksu is an annual tournament with the highest prestige among Korean go titles. Kuksu literally means "Hand of the nation" (Kuk: Nation Su: Hand). It is a poetic expression referring to a strongest player in the nation and has been the highest title of honor for a Baduk player in Korea.

After Lee Changho's defeat in LG Cup finals to Kong Jie 9p, we were all looking forward to see him proving that he's still number one player in the world. And the result was not slow in coming. 

In this game black was leading right after fuseki taking solid territory, Lee Changho's favorite strategy. In the middle game white was still behind and started to mess up the situation, otherwise white had no enough territory (Move 68). But black wasn't going to retreat and counter attacked white. In the endgame due to black's powerful attack white had to give up two stones while escaping (Move 113). After that white already had no chance winning. 

Lee Changho wins the title by defeating Hong Kipyo 4p, 3:1, his total title number reaches 140!



 Nef           2010-04-27 12:04

oh! new achievement! gratz )))

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