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Big sensation on WAGC-2010!

 2010-06-10           Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein
This is the biggest sensation from the WAGC-2010!
Ondrej Silt, 6-dan won his game against Japanese representative Sato.

I remember only 2 cases in WAGC history.
First was Ronald Shlemper, who beat Imamura (about 20 years ago). Second was Geert Groenen, who beat Hiraoka (few years ago, but because of big happening in yose).
Hiraoka was ahead, but missed atari in late yose.

Ondrej Silt is the 3rd one in history of European Go!

I decided to comment this game for Go4Go portal.

You can subscribe for my reviews on Go4Go, if you
would like to check the other games from WAGC-2010
( I commented 7 games in total)


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