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And the new Gosei is…

 2010-08-29           Expert: DanielTom

Sakai Hideyuki!


 Sakai Hideyuki won the 35th Gosei Title by defeating Cho U in the fifth and last match of the series (played on August 27th).


This was Sakai's first chance to get one of the Japanese seven big titles, and he was successful. Besides winning the cash prize of about 90,000 USD, he will also be promoted to 8p.


In the final game (that you can watch here), Cho U played for territory and allowed Sakai Hideyuki to build a big moyo – so it was a “territory vs. influence” type of game. Cho U later tried to invade the moyo, but Sakai managed to capture the invading stones, and ended up winning the game by 2,5 points. (He won the series 3-2.) We hope you enjoy the game.


 I added some comments to the game record, but remember to take them lightly (as I am not very strong). Maybe if we all ask Alex (breakfast), he will comment the game himself and post it online :). You are welcome to comment it too, so leave a message to tell us your opinion.


Congratulations to Sakai Hideyuki for becoming the new Gosei!


 Crazyone           2010-09-28 01:09
2 kyu ( RU )
Daniel, thank you very much for your comments to this game! They are very interesting and clarified many difficult points in the game.
 Astroboy           2010-09-01 05:09
( KR )
The result of the sequence in the lower left corner ain't joseki.According to Chang Hao 9p,the result is good for white,since the exchange c6 for d7 is too damaging.

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