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What is wrong with players from Japan?!

 2010-06-07           Expert: LovroF

Something is really wrong with players from Japan! They have almost no power ina nay international tournament. In first round of LG Cup, all players from Japan lost their games! Here we can see how Meijin lost to a 3d from China... Meijin should be fighting for winning an international title, not for having one win... Yoda Norimoto, Yamada Kimio, Takao Shinji - no hope for them against masters from China. So, first round of LG Cup:  Japan 0 - China 4


 anony           2010-06-09 12:06
18k ( GB )
anony wrote: "just to give some credit to Iyama, ..."


As far as I am aware, Lian Xiao has not won any "big tournaments".

Whether or not he is one of China's rising stars is mostly irrelevant. These are exactly the types of games that the 21 yr old Meijin - 'the' rising star of Japanese go - should be winning.

The 5 year difference in experience should tell, at their ages.
 anony           2010-06-07 04:06

sorry, i meant 16 years old, Lian Xiao that is
 anony           2010-06-07 04:06

haha i knew this was going to happen, japanse players are so weak! they really need to change things in japan.

just to give some credit to Iyama, Lian Xiao is not just some 3p, he is one of the rising stars in China with only 13 years old, he has already won big tournaments and he did very good in the prelims of the LG Cup too.

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