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Lee Sedol vs. Gu Li

 2010-06-07           Expert: agugglez
Here is the match between Lee Sedol 9p and Gu Li 9p in the first round of the LG Cup.
Other results include Lee Changho winning to Wang Xi, Chen Yaoye beating Park Junghwan and Kim Jiseok winning against Zhou Ruiyang.

Out of the 16 chinese players, 11 made it to the next round and out of the 11 korean players 5 made it too. That makes for a total of 16 in the next round. All the 4 players from japan lost, and so did the taiwanese player Xiao Zhenghao.

The next round will be played next wednesday


 aldrin           2011-02-06 12:02
30kyu ( PH )
why move 194??
 ProoM           2010-09-19 12:09
6kyu ( LT )
Henri Sepp -> Maybe he thought a 9p won't notice atari... tbh I have no idea what is the move 194 for :P
 kloppi           2010-06-15 09:06
( FR )
Maybe he was in byo-yomi.
 Henri Seppänen           2010-06-14 12:06
1k ( FI )
Why move 194?

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