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3 koreans make it ...and 5 chinese!

 2010-06-09           Expert: agugglez
The chinese did it again. Now out of eight players left, five are chinese. The rest are koreans. However, Gu Li, who previously beat the favorite of the tournament: Lee Sedol, lost his game to An Choyeong. Very close game though.

Among other results Lee Changho defeated Tuo Jiaxi, Piao Wenyao won his game against Chen Yaoye, Kim Jiseok lost to Wang Yao and Kong Jie won against Mok Jinseok.

The next round of games will be in november, in China.


 Paul Scotti           2012-12-28 01:12
9 ( US )
This site seems to have died down. What is the next best Go website to find the latest news (and sgf files maybe?) on the pro Go world?
 DanielTom           2010-10-04 03:10
( PT )
stefan.radu, did you read the article? It says that the next round of the LG Cup will only take place in November, so you will only see more updates on this tournament then.
We post news under the category "Others" quite regularly so you may want to check them there.
 stefan.radu           2010-08-20 02:08
1d ( RO )
this is weird.... what happened with this web-site?

no article posted since.. last month? 2 months ago?


only wasted my time refreshing this page...

 Emurga           2010-07-12 09:07
20k ( BE )
Hi ...

I'm quite surprise with the 12th move (w) ... could someone explain the interest of this move.

 Macauley Singh           2010-06-16 08:06
16k ( GB )
And I thought the Koreans were the best at baduk!

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