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Top US amateur Li Jie crushed Feng Yun,9p again!

 2009-12-09           Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein

I don’t know the total score between Li Jie and Feng Yun, but I saw that Feng Yun lost him before (that time Li Jie was very lucky – he won because of simple misreading in byoyomi). She is 9-dan pro and Li Jie is just amateur. How can it happen?

The problem is that all professionals, including myself are getting weaker, after they stop playing tournaments and studying Go with other pros.

Feng Yun was one of the top female professionals in the world, but now it’s clear that her shape is far from ideal. But … she is a great teacher! You can learn a lot from her Go lessons!


Game commentary: Alexander Dinerchtein for Go4Go



 Boris           2010-01-27 09:01
2k ( US )
hmm Jie Li is sort really strong. He isnt really just some amatuer, he is one of the strongest. He has very good results in international tourneys as well

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