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How to make a draw?

 2009-12-31           Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein
Sometimes it's a good idea to make a draw. For example, 20 years ago
draw was possible on one of the largest tournaments in Europe, because
komi was just 5 points, not 5.5.
Alexey Lazarev and Ivan Detkov (both 6d, both from Russia), had 5-0
score and they were paired against each other on round 6. The problem was that
the loser of that game was not able to get 2nd place because of bad SOS/SODOS
And in case of the draw, it was possible to occupy both 1st and 2nd places.
They played and made a jigo(on territory), which can be called the best decision, but ...
The appeal-comitee later called it home-prepared jigo and both
players had big problems later. As well as I know, they
returned back their prizes.
Here is another method of creating a draw. You can use it
even in tournaments with 6.5 komi. In Asian countries, they usually
play such games again (same for 3 or 4 ko games), but
it's hard to imagine the decision of the referee on European tournaments,
when you have to make the pairing and start the next round in 30 min.
You can probably get a draw, because there is no time to play the game again.

By the way, there are only few examples of such games in Go history.
You may also check Komatsu Hideki vs Rin Kaiho game 1993

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 Gopoldi           2010-06-15 12:06
3d ( DE )
I was around when they played their jigo game. There was no "problem". One was going to win the tournament the other to become 4th or something. End of story. You must be very greedy (there was price money of course) and immoral to even think of fabricating a jigo under the circumstances. So this cannot be called a "good" decision. It was a "bad" one. Both in the sense of evil and stupid.
 Dusk Eagle           2010-01-29 03:01
3k ( CA )
This is cool. Normally if black insists on a19 white will eventually profit enough to win, but in this case thanks to d19 white isn't profiting at all!

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