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Korean insei beat 2 top Korean and Japanese 9-dans!

 2010-09-10           Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein
Min Sangyoun, (15 years old Korean Insei, on photo) beat Mok Chinseok, 9p (who is in best 10 in Korea) in preliminary stage of the Samsung cup. He also beat 2 other professionals and entered the main stage.
Here he lost twice to World #1 Gu Li, but beat Hane Naoki, who is currently one of the top players in Japan.
I attached the game with Hane with some notes on fuseki (mainly about direction of play).

Usually it's a big stress for top players to lose like this. Hasegawa and Yoo Kagen were top class Japanese pros, but their results in Japanese events became very bad after they lose to Fernando Aguilar in Toyota.
O Rissei had the same slump after losing to A.Dinerchtein in LG.

We will probably see the same situation with Hane in near future ...


 Yuki Satushi           2011-05-19 07:05
those inseis are strong.
 Chris Welsh           2011-04-01 02:04
1d ( ZA )
I thought this was a lousy comment at the time, and I am pleased to see that this silly prediction has been proved false.

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 Tho           2010-10-11 04:10
5k ( US )
Hi, this article lists Min Sangyoun as a Korean insei, but other sites with his games have him as 5d. Is that his amateur rank or was he promoted as a result of this tournament? Thanks for sharing the game.

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