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Lee Changho 9p unexpectedly resigns in still close game

 2010-04-04           Expert: Noth1ng
In the first round of Chunlan Cup Lee Changho was challenged by 20 years old Chinese promising young player, Gu Lingyi.

Gu Lingyi is a Chinese 5-dan professional. Born at July 3, 1991. He is the winner of South-West Qiwang championship for three consecutive years, from 2007 to 2009. 

Both players played very peaceful and steady fuseki. The game was in Lee Changho's favorite rhythm. The game was very close but Lee Changho was favorable as yose is the field he is good at. Please, check White's moves from 82 to 92, a very nice endgame sequence. Instead of simply playing diagonal move, like most players would play. Black move 117 is game deciding move, white loses all territory at bottom. A bit later Lee Changho concedes the game which was still playable! After Black 163, White can easily connect his stones. The game is still close but Lee Changho decided to resign. 

I believe he was upset after big loss at bottom. The same happened in BC Card Cup, Lee Changho lost to an amateur player (Han Taehee), in less than 100 moves! Lee Changho's situation was not good but he could still continue playing, but his mood was very bad and he simply conceded the game. 



 TFK90sai           2013-08-06 03:08
1 ( DZ )
 noth1ng           2010-04-06 12:04
1 kyu
I agree with Nexik. Lee Changho won so many titles so it seems he doesn't have enough motivation in comparison with young players who want to win no matter what.

From his recent interview after winning 11th Nongshim Cup:
Q. Some think that you got rid of desire for winning because you have won so many championships. What do you think about it?
A. Well, sometimes I feel like that, but I am getting more competitive recently as I lost games often.

And part from another interview:
Q. Are you feeling confident against Cho HunHyun, your teacher at MyongIn title games?
A. It doesn't matter whether I win or lose. I only try my best to play good games. I am not obsessed about winning.

So like in this game he felt he couldn't play his best and decided to concede the game.
 TaoTeaKing           2010-04-05 05:04
11kyu ( DE )
Quote: "This only show that Lee Changho don't play only for the victory but to play good game. Respect."

I don`t agree ... :-) ... i think that this shows that Lee Changho thought that he will definitively lose this game.

Winning the Chunlan Cup means winning a lot of money as well (no?) and he would never resign just because it is not a "good" game any more.
 Nexik           2010-04-05 12:04
2D ( PL )
This only show that Lee Changho don't play only for the victory but to play good game. Respect.

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