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Iyama Yuta defends his Meijin Title!

 2010-10-08           Expert: DanielTom

     Iyama Yuta was promoted to 9-dan last year after winning the 34th Meijin Title (d. Cho U 4-1).

   This year he was challenged for the Meijin Title by Takao Shinji 9p, the winner of the 46th Judan Title and the youngest player to reach 700 wins (in 2009).

   The first game of the 35th Meijin Title (sponsored by Asahi Shimbun) was played on September 1st and 2nd, in Suita (Osaka). Iyama Yuta won the game by 6,5 points (he was White).

   In the second game, played on September 16th and 17th in Ehime, Iyama won again, this time playing as Black (B+5,5). As expected, the odds were in his favor.

   The 3rd round was played in Kaminoyama (Yamagata), on September 22nd and 23rd. Iyama Yuta won the game by resignation after 170 moves. He was then only one game away from defending his Meijin Title.

   Finally, in the 4th game, played on October 6th and 7th in Kanagawa, Iyama Yuta was able to win again and defend his Title with the perfect score of 4-0! He was the youngest player to win the Meijin Title (in 2009), and he now, at the age of 21, defended it for the first time. His results are very impressive!

   The final game was fun and you can see it here. Iyama Yuta killed a huge group in the center and Takao Shinji ended up resigning after move 265. (For the record, if at the end of the game White tries N6, Black can connect at O5, White P8 atari, Black O9 connects, White Q9, Black P7 atari, White P9 connects, Black O6 atari.) Enjoy the game! :)

   The winner’s prize is ¥37,000,000 (about 500,000 USD). Congratulations to Iyama Yuta for winning the 35th Meijin Title!  


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