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16th Asian Games Yamashita Keigo crashed Lee Changho and Gu Li!

 2010-11-26           Expert: YesWeKant

Asian Games is orient analog of Olimpic Games. 16th Asian Games take place at Guangzhou, China. Board games competition include Chess, Xiangqi, and Weiqi(Go)! There are three gold medals; Men??™s team, Women??™s team, and Mixed double (pair game). 

Team Korea won Gold in pair competition. For more info see

Team Korea also won Men's team and Women's team. Team China won silver and  Japan won bronze. 

All Go Stars took part.

Team Korea :  LEE Chang Ho, KANG Dong Yoon,  LEE Sae Dol, PARK Jeong Hwan, CHOI Chul Han.

Team China: GU Li, LIU Xing KONG Jie, XIE He, ZHOU Ruiyang

Team Japan: YAMASHITA Keigo, IYAMA Yuta, TAKAO Shinji, YUKI Satoshi, AKIYAMA Jiro

Team Chinese Taipei:  CHANG Hsu(aka CHO U), CHEN Shih Iuan, LIN Chih Han, HSIAO Cheng Hao, CHOU Chun Hsun

Players from Japan showed impressive result. In match against Korea Yamashita K. Crashed Lee Chang Ho and Iyama Y. beat Lee Sedol! But other boards lost and it was 2:3. Still very close.

Cho U who played for Chinese Taipei crashed Chang Hao, Kand Dong Yoon, and Yamashita K. If he played for Japan, Japan would have won I guarantee it!

Here you can see all results:


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